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Bankruptcy. A fresh start.

Consumer Law Issues

Mortgage issues, including Predatory Lending Defenses, Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Home Ownership & Equity Protection Act (HOEPA), NJ Fair Foreclosure Act (NJFFA).

Mortgage Modifications including direct modification applications, under the NJ Superior Foreclosure Mediation Project and Bankruptcy Court Loss Mitigation Project. Stop the foreclosure while you apply for a loan modification!

Short Sales and Deed-in-Lieu as alternatives to foreclosure.

Consumer Law Issues including such consumer abuses prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Unfair & Deceptive Acts & Practices (UDAP, known in NJ as Consumer Fraud Act), Truth in Consumer Contract Warranty and Notice Act (TICCWNA).

Credit Card Defense of lawsuits against debt buyers who buy accounts for pennies on the dollar as well as original lenders – These suits CAN be defended!

Form 1099 Tax Alert – Did you know that Federal Tax Law classifies the savings granted by a lender as taxable income and requires tax to be paid on the savings. That means if you settle a $10,000 credit card for $4,000, the $6,000 savings will be reported to the IRS in January on a Form 1099. There are exceptions to this rule for persons in Bankruptcy and other situations, so you needs a knowledgeable person on your side BEFORE you negotiate with lenders.